Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the original Clinics in Motion?

Yes! We are the original developers of Clinics in Motion and the only official supplier. We have come along way since 2005 and made many developments including expanding into medical Nursing and Pharmacy teaching. This is the only website that you should be able to view Clinics in Motion on.

How come Clinics in Motion used to cost €349 and now it is €49?

Originally the product was developed on DVD. We appreciate that some of the core material is approaching 10 years old, while some of the new courses were developed this year. As we now take a multi-disciplinary approach to education delivery we are able to give better value by spreading the cost among all websites. In addition with the advent of COVID 19, we wanted to remove any cost barrier that might be there because it is so important that we work together to deliver what is best for all students and healthcare providers. So, yes, the current annual price of €49 offers exceptional value.

Are the new courses relevant to physiotherapy practice?

Much has changed in Physiotherapy and healthcare provision. With the advent of COVID 19 the very practice of physiotherapy has changed immensely. Our philosophy is that every healthcare professional needs to be able to look at every patient in a wholistic way. All the new courses, while not core to physiotherapy are just as valid to a patent and physiotherapists should be able to advise on ‘Vitamin D and sun exposure’, be able to refer to a Pharmacist, just as a pharmacist should be able to advise on musculoskeletal pain and refer to a Physiotherapist. For some common courses like Smoking Cessation Champions, we feel this is every healthcare professional role. Sometimes the single greatest healthcare intervention you can do for a patient does not relate to their core complaint! We need to make every contact count.

Can this be used for Physical Therapy students in North America?

Of course. It is just as relevant to Physical Therapy students, Physical Therapy Assistant students and practitioners as to Physiotherapy. In fact, in development we consulted over 12 universities based in North America to ensure a core syllabus. Anatomy is anatomy.

How does Clinics in Motion work with COVID 19?

Never has Clinics in Motion been so relevant. With potential for years of disruption to education, having a tool like Clinics in Motion available for staff and students can make the difference between tuition and no tuition. We have also developed specific courses on COVID 19 that we have shared.

Since global lock down has happened users numbers on our various websites have doubled, with more and more universities seeing he benefit.

We responded by adding more courses, a new website and reducing the cost. We are with you in this.

Can this be used as CPD or CME?

Yes. All our courses have been developed in line with EU regulations on the mutual provision of Continuing Medical Education. In the past we applied to various Professional Bodies for accreditation. This became a very expensive task as all separate bodies charge fees for this service. These costs had to be passed on to our members. We made the decision to standardise our courses to EU regulations and save these fees for our members. They can still be used as part of your ongoing regulatory requirements and we provide Certificates and completion records to every member.

What if a member of staff/student leaves? What do I do then?

No problem, we can archive their account and add a new one at no additional cost.

There are so many courses, I don’t want my students having access to all them?

No problem, you can fully review or select access to all and any courses. If you don’t wish your students to have access to any category or course, you can direct this. You can also select and time when access is made available. You are in FULL control.

What staff or grade and experience is it aimed at?

Being honest, everyone! All members will derive benefit and even the most experienced therapist will learn something, even if it is confirming what they know. However, we developed most courses with the inexperienced and undergraduate student in mind. It is also great for those returning to work and working part time.

We have our own eLearning website we want to use?

No problem. All course can be provide as SCROM files or directly as an asset for your own learning management system. We are happy to licence out individual courses or groups of courses. Make an enquiry with us.

I have a very large group to register, do they all have to create accounts?

No, we do all the hard work. Simply provide us the basic details that we need on a spreadsheet (we will provide a template) and we will create the accounts, group them, enrol them, and provide log in details and instructions once you are happy with all.

Is it really only €49, no hidden fees?

Yes, it really is. We have reduced it in 2020 from €199 to €49 annually.

Last modified: Friday, 29 May 2020, 3:21 PM