Clinics in Motion is used by universities all over the world for undergraduate education. Group membership provides for free teacher access and specialsied reporting functions to assist engagement of students and the ability to add content/ monitor progress.

Larger private practices and hospitals can also enjoy these addittional features of group membership.

You can fully select and choose what courses are available to your group.

For university or group enrollment enquires please email:

If you would like a 15 minute demonstration, we are delighted to schedule a zoom meeting. Use the link below:

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University Membership includes:

  • All Physiotherapy Courses (see full syllabus here)
  • All Sports Taping Courses
  • All Rehab Courses
  • Over 62 New Courses Available as FREE Options for Students
  • FREE Tutor Access
  • FREE Student Access for 12 Months Post Graduation
  • Learner  Dashboard to Track, Record & Monitor Student Progress
  • Management/ Tutor Reports to Monitor Engagement
  • Certificates, Badges and Competitions to Promote Engagement
  • Ability to Assign Tasks and Schedule Completion
  • 150 Hours Online Self Directed Education
  • Mobile App Enabled
  • Starting At €49 (Or Currency Equivalent) per student
  • FREE GDPR Certification for Students Working or Hoping to Work in EU

For university or group enrollment enquires please email:

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