Learner dashboard

Powerful Real Time Analytics

Learner Dashboard

Clinics in Motion has partnered with Intelliboard to create an 'intelligent dashboard' for all users and tutors. Never before has self-directed learning and a blended approach to university education been more important or essential. Clinics in Motion and Intelliboard will  The power of your data is unlocked with a simple dashboard that puts you in control of your activity on Clinics in Motion. The Learner Dashboard will provide you with:

  • Instant overview of activity
  • Separate Dashboard for learners and instructors
  • Automated notifications
  • Learner reports
  • Course reports
  • Site reports
  • Real-time customizable reports
  • FERPA compliant

Track & Improve User Engagement

Learner Dashboard

The online learning environment requires an engaged learner to be successful. Clinics in Motion provides multiple reports, analytics and notifications that keep your learners focused, and provide data that can impact your learning methodologies.

  • User Engagement
  • Course Content Utilization
  • Course Access
  • Progress Summary

Identify at-risk learners

Learner Dashboard

Learner retention is a key focus for many of the organizations we serve. We provide multiple Gamification opportunities to enhance engagement and we can provide data from several points of focus to provide a clear picture of learners in jeopardy.

  • Learner Success & Progress
  • User Status Summary
  • Overdue Users
  • Past Due Assignments
  • Learner Compared to Course Average

Enable Learner Self-Management

Learner Dashboard

Clinics in Motion provides your organization’s learners with a personal dashboard of their grades and activity directly within the LMS.

  • Gamification
  • Certificates, Badges and Awards
  • Course Average Comparison
  • Assignment/Quiz Completion
  • Course Progress
  • Activity Participation
  • Correlations and Grades

The Clinics in Motion Learner Dashboard is powered by Intelliboard Inc.

Last modified: Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 9:57 AM