Clinics in Motion is among the longest establish international provided of online education with sister sites for Nursing, Medical Training and Pharmacy training. With over 15 years’ experience we continue to focus on quality content, multidisciplinary educational focus and emerging engagement strategies.

Our Philosophy

Why Clinics in Motion?
  1. 100 hours of video based tutorials on musculoskelatal phsyiotherapy
  2. 60 New Non Core courses available to all users FREE of charge
  3. Internationally developed syllabus (EU, North America, Austraila)
  4. COVID 19 compliant educational resource
  5. Ensures practical tution in support of social distancing strategies
  6. Multidisciplinary approach to healthcare education
  7. Ideal back up resource for college closures
  8. Individual and tutor automated reporting functions available
  9. Evidence based teaching
  10. High student value resource
  11. Low cost teaching resource
  12. Can be used for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) purposes

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