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Clinics in Motion has been operating for over 16 years and has become one of the largest global online resources for Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) undergraduate and post graduate education. Origianly developed on DVD, this online resource has become established as a must have for undergraduate education in Europe, North America and Australia.

Clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of the training regime, as being as effective as individual tuition, increasing student confidence by 90%, increasing peer learning by 60% and with a 100% satisfaction rating of the delivery systems

Based in Dublin City University, Clinics in Motion was redeveloped in 2020 with the ambition of making the original material more widely available to all undergraduate and practicing physiotherapists (Physical Therapists) that facilitates Physical Distancing (in as far as this is possible with Physiotherapy!) and self directed learning..

With the advent of COVID 19 the need to implement online and socially distant educational strategies has never been as important. Clinics in Motion provides over 100 hours of core Neuromusculoskeletal examination, treatment, case studies, anatomy and applied radiology.

In partnership with our websites for Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing, we have increased the range of courses to include over 60 new courses in non core areas that can now be accessed by all users. These include courses from our partner websites:

In response to the COVID 19 global pandemic, Clinics in Motion released a new website with Intelliboards analytics, user engagement tools, automated tutor reports and 60 new courses.

In addition, we reduced the original purchase price from €199 to our student price of €49 per user, for all members in response to COVID 19, to make it available to all users and no charge for additional content.

You can become a site member here.

For university customers who would like to enquire about group & class membership, please contact david.mclean@cpdsessions.com

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